At the beginning of our company history, our range of services comprised exclusively of the development and construction of machines. In addition, we supported our customers in the area of documentation and project management. Subsequently, we successfully implemented the manufacture and construction of machines, including commissioning at the customer’s site, into our range of services. Today we build state of the art fixtures, fully automated assembly cells and self-sufficient production machines.

In past financial years we have successfully implemented various projects for our customers.
Some of our projects can be found in the adjacent list. Please understand that due to confidentiality agreements, which we take very seriously, we are only able to present a small selection of projects, in particular this also applies to picture material

  • Conceptual study, development and engineering of a small-series machine for the glass coating of PET bottles [bottling industry].
  • Engineering of a robot-supported assembly station with rotary indexing table for pre-assembly of an air-spring rolling piston [automotive].
  • Engineering of a compact laser measuring-device with a support roller-guide for 0.2 to 2.0 mm steel sheets [steel industry].
  • Engineering of a laser measuring-device with rotary and translator laser sensors. [Testing from 1.6 – 2.0 mm thick radiator tubes, tolerance 0.003 mm].
  • Development of a municipal hydraulic system for snow-clearing vehicles with secondary drive. [Municipal vehicles up to 3.5 t].
  • Engineering of a laboratory machine for the nitrogen seeding of PET bottles with subsequent capping of the bottle [total process time 1.4 sec].
  • Design change of an assembly unit for air suspension struts [automotive].
  • Development of a hydraulic quick-action spring valve with return hand-pump [fail safe unit industrial automation, closing time 0.1 sec].
  • Concept study and engineering of a pneumatically deliverable laser measuring head, with integrated eddy current sensor for rubber thickness measurement. [Measurement on calendar, tolerance 0.03 mm].
  • Design change of an assembly stand for the installation of air spring boots [automotive].
  • Development and design on a measuring-device product-family for the measurement of sheet thicknesses 1.0 to 3.0 mm [steel industry].
  • Engineering of a welding system for the cohesive connection of vehicle fittings using halogen light sources [automotive].
  • Design of a quick-release spring cylinder with adjustable end position shock absorption [industrial automation, closing force over 163,000 N, closing time 0.2 sec].
  • Engineering assembly unit for tactile measurement on automotive supplier products.